my other blog

While I’m attempting to figure out the technological piece of moving my older blog posts to wordpress, I’ll simply share the link for now:

As you will see, I can go months without writing and then go on short binges of vulnerability including stories of what I’m learning in hopes it might encourage others on their journey.

If you have any ideas on the technological piece, that would be most excellent as I tend to make something, that should be simple, terribly complicated.

1 thought on “my other blog

  1. Hope it’s okay that I am reading your thoughts.

    For 7 years I kept an online journal on “”… remember them? Thats okay. nobody does. Geocities offered free webpages back in the day. They were formed in 1994, bought by google in 1999 then shut down in 2009. Years of data lost. I haven’t been able to start blogging since.

    blogspot and wordpress seem like they are invincible… but back up locally.

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