sips of nostalgia

courtesy of Paul at

courtesy of Paul at

Have you ever had a taste or smell trigger nostalgic memories? This morning I had a sip of Kenyan coffee from my friend’s coffee shop, Gathering Grounds. This single sip swarmed my tastebuds and prompted memories of when I was a child and would sneak coffee flavored Nips candy from my father’s stash. Rarely have I had coffee create such a warm nostalgic experience for me. This childhood memory may have been an unknown catalyst to plant the desire to go into the coffee business several years ago. It’s been a few years now since I’ve been emersed in coffee culture, but there are so many fond memories surrounding a simple cup of coffee which have helped me bare the burdens of life. It seems, lately, there have been several occurrences which have triggered memories of my childhood. When life seemed less difficult, more simple and less complicated. As a father, I hope I can help cultivate good memories which might someday serve as a positive flashback for my son when he gets older and is impacted by the reality of life, pain, loss and struggle. Thank you, God, for coffee, father’s, sons and memories.


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