Getting Messy

courtesy of anankkml @

courtesy of anankkml @

This is a quote I came across recently. It ties into what is currently being worked in my life and the lives of others around me. It seems to be a reoccurring theme lately. I’m learning that the mess of our lives won’t go away by ignoring it and at some point of our lives, we need to dive into the mess to find the treasure of wholehearted living.  I hope you find encouragement in reading this today.

“We can’t find our path without getting messy. Messy comes with the territory. We came in messy. We learn messy. We love messy. We leave messy. I never found my way to clarity without first befriending confusion, in all its chaotic forms. I never found a path that felt like home before falling into quicksand. I never established a new way of being without trying the wrong way of being on for size. I never found the light without stumbling around in the dark. I never tasted God before getting a little dirt in my mouth. In the heart of the chaos is the clay that shapes us home. Chaotic Magnificence!”

-Jeff Brown


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