Facing our Fears

face_your_fearThis morning was one of the most difficult and rewarding parenting moments, thus far. Ezra didn’t want to go to school. I thought we had problem solved the struggle together and he was doing okay. Everything appeared good as we awaited the start of school while standing in line. Until he saw the boy who was saying mean things to him yesterday. Which triggered a full blown meltdown. It took everything in me not to have a meltdown myself. He clinged to me like a koala bear sobbing. He just wanted to go home and didn’t want to stay and work things out. Everything in me wanted to take him home so that he wouldn’t have to face his fears and struggle. I just wanted to run him home, take a sick day and cuddle with him and eat our comfort foods. That would’ve been much easier.

Life is not so easy, is it? Sometimes it would be much easier to stay home in the mornings and not face the difficulties and challenges of this world.

I remember when I was my son’s age, there was a little bully in my class. I remember the feeling of not wanting to ever face him. I felt so little, humiliated and afraid. It was my dad who helped me face my fears while comforting me along the way. I’m so glad he did. I’m so blessed to have a parent who modeled the ability to be vulnerable and talk openly about the hard things. I can’t imagine living without the freedom to share my struggles. I’m also glad I did the most difficult thing this morning by leaving my son at school after comforting and reassuring him that things would workout.

Sometimes we have to face our biggest struggles and not walk away when life gets tough. Thanks, dad, for instilling and equipping me with the ability to face difficulties, to do my best to make things work, and be resilient when things don’t workout how I hoped. I hope my son can learn from these experiences as well.

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